power of sound

I figured out the seemingly change is difficult to realize though the details may give you clues. Above all, one more thing remained exactly the same, were the park and gardens.

Images are the first to consume in todays’ world. Along with the scent of a city, voices were not being noticed as they are in all the chaos. With also effects of my past radiophonic experiences and interaction with voice,I decided to record voices of everyday life from all over the city. On the other hand compared to scents, voice was much  easier to keep. In addition, listening a voice, focusing on one sense – except vision- lets me to focus directly to that moment and memorize&visualize the moment with its environment. And with these actions a question apperared in my mind, if its is possible to try to understand the change by the help of sounds.

october 4th, 2019 at a restaurant


septenber 17th, 2019 at Turia Park