Public Space and Design moderated by Çiğdem Kaya

The relationship of public space and design can be explored in various dimensions. Design criteria varies when public is regarded as a large group of users. Hence, participative methods can be used while raising complex questions about leisure, habitation and material culture. These questions form a ground of discussion of changing design principles and values. In this regard, public space is a source of multilayered design problems.

Çiğdem Kaya
Mehmet Erkök
Nilüfer Kozikoğlu
Ebru Erdönmez
Alexis Şanal

Çiğdem Kaya lives and works in Istanbul where she was born and raised. Trained as an industrial designer, she completed graduate program in fine arts in San Francisco Art Institute in the US. After her PhD, Kaya has been a full time assistant and associate professor at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Department of Industrial Design (ID) since 2011 where she teaches interaction between art and design in the undergraduate ID program as well as product design studio; practice-led research methods and design for social innovation in the graduate ID program. Her experience as an artist enriches her teaching in the design programs. Kaya received BSc in ID from ITU, MFA in New Genres from SFAI and PhD in ID from ITU. Kaya has been a visiting researcher at Sheffield Hallam University and she is a Fulbright alumna.

Ebru Erdönmez graduated from Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Architecture in 1995. She started her academic career in 1996 as a research assistant, and became an assistant professor in 2006 and an associate professor in 2011. She was a visiting lecturer in Siegen University’s Department of Architecture between years 2006-2007. Ebru Erdönmez has authored and edited several books, conference proceedings and papers. She received several awards in national and international architectural competitions, and currently continues her career as an associate professor in Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Architecture.

Born in 1963 in Zurich, Switzerland. Graduated fom Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul with a major of industrial Design in 1988. Lecturer at İTU İndustrial Design Dept. since 1994. Proffessional experiences in many types of modelmaking, illustration-airbrush, product-object design and production, kinetic sculpture, automobile customization, photography.

Alexıs’ vision of a streamlined relationship between people and the design of their environment reflected in her academic and professional pursuits. She has received awards for her architectural/urban design contributions to the community which reflect her passion is learning, cultural and civic environments that serve living culture embracing technologies and ecologies intelligently with the physical and natural environment. She currently leading research in Istanbul street markets structure, the Pazar, launching the Wedgetopia initiative for transforming residual land into vibrant urban places, and a member of Bomontiada’s creative board for a district wide public realm realization. MIT, MCP 2002, SCI-Arc, BArch, 1995.  (1974, Los Angeles)

Istanbul-based, London-trained architect and designer Nilüfer Kozikoğlu’s work is focused on material properties, organic compositions and their variable states, and she is best known for her work in concrete, including design and furniture production. Kozikoğlu is interested in peculiarities of form and design that evoke the animated properties of space, especially with materials such as concrete and cement. Her interest in dynamic forms is reflected in her installations and designs, which weave together digital technologies and handcrafted processes as on-site and workshop experiments. Nilüfer runs her practice as partner at the Tuşpa NK agency for architecture, and the urban material workshop Urban Atolye.

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Friday II
Mehmet Erkök, Nilüfer Kozikoğlu, Ebru Erdönmez, Alexis Şanal

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