Lecture at (UnUrban): ‘Challenges in green space design in Istanbul’

I also took part in (Un)Urban: Designing for the green city Summer School’ as a lecturer.  Even getting prepared for such a presention on this matter itself has been a challenge for me. How could I summarize the crazy and mega current urban debates on green spaces to the audience who even haven’t been in a country before.

How could I differentiate the green space design from the deforestation issues or how could I filter the impact of mass urbanization and political decisions from the urban struggles and activism. I couldn’t :). Here is the evidence and the video about the presentation:


The lecture was for the 1st and 2nd year students about the ‘Challenges in Designing Green Spaces in Istanbul’. The students have summarized the matters i had been talking about, in their blog post at the following link:


‘Infrastructure in Troubled Times’ Conference at Brighton

I have attended to the conference at Brighton titled, ‘Infrastructure in Troubled Times’. The conference used the ‘world café’ as a methodology. It functioned so well and it gave chance to meet with the speakers closely, to ask our questions directly and to hear other attendees’ works deeply.

Speakers were spread to different tables and the conference attendees were choosing from the different presentation related to the subjects that they were curious about. Everyone was circulating between the different tables, in every 30-45 minutes.

If you are interested about the subject, here are some details:

(Un)Urban: Designing for the Green City

‘(Un)Urban: Designing for the Green City is a two week summer programme ran by the IGP as apart of the Global Citizenship Programme. We work with the undergraduate students from across different disciplines to design a greener, healthier city.

Cities can be places of innovation and creativity. But they can also lead to poor mental and physical health, environmental damage, and extreme inequality. As more and more people moves to cities, we need to develop ways of making cities more sustainable and inclusive places where people can flourish.’

Source: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/bartlett/igp/news/2018/mar/vacancies-navigators-unurban-global-citizenship-summer-programme

Navigation at ‘(Un)Urban: Designing for the green city/ UCL Institute for Global Prosperity’

I have attended to ‘Navigators Training’ to be ‘A Joker Navigator’(it is the title i createdJ ) and taken part in organizational team. It has been a great chance to meet with 8 navigators who are Londoners at the training part and learn more on design thinking.

That way, I had a chance to share my observations about my research on public space usage and living in such a city.



Visit to urban farm


Konrad Miciukiewicz, who is a colleague from the department have invited me to the urban farm trip.

Result: My opinion did not change that ‘green tech’ is still not that green..



Does your house can moveee? Does your house can swimm? Ours can 

A Week of Meetings: Episode 1_ Boat

First look with the new home; meeting with our boatie. It seems like, it is not gonna be easy but  it will be a quite unique experience. My beloved friends, Fran and Virginie have invited me to live them on this boat. Just like many other Londoners, the boat life has been the way they have found to deal with the high rent prices. Now they are solving the same problem of mine.

We have been known each other for a year and met for two times yet. (If you are interested click here for the story of our meeting  )