saka the migrating songbird and saka the water carrier

One of the thing that influenced me most in Morocco was the water: Casablanca’s cost’s endless ocean, huge waves of Mediterranean sea in Tanger, the water carriers: SAKA’s of Marrakesh… Another one was the sound of songbirds that I could here from every cities I visited, especially in Tiznit, in the park. In Turkish we call these birds SAKA. And surprisingly the traditional costume of water carriers and the feathers of the bird are the same.

storytelling culture in marrakesh

Walking on the square Jemaa El Fna, we encountered many storytellers. The Moroccan tradition of storytelling (Hikayat) dates back almost 1,000 years. This tradition is still alive but in danger of becoming extinct and disappearing.
It is a very important element for the continuation of art practice in the public sphere with the phenomenon of “halka” – circle and the visibility of artists and freedom of artistic expression in the public sphere.

kıraathane قرائت to read

man man man.
in the cafés.
where are all these women, kids?
drinking tea and coffee all day long
watching football matches of all universe…

did you know that ائت means to read?

let’s put a bookshelf in each of them
organize events around books and knowledge.

and work from today for a better future of the city.


After getting off the bus (CTM casablanca -> tanger) I had difficulties to find my way to the city center. I saw many people walking towards the same direction. I took my chance. Than, I realized that people from this crowd was crossing national highway, one by one. Overbold? Helpless? Confident? Believing? They crossed without hesitation. I wanted to do the same, but I wasn’t able.
When I got to my hostel, I went out to see the city. By the seaside, I just saw how near Spain was. At that moment I felt like I understood the situation of Subsahariens who were willing to die to escape to Spain. Was it the same blindness of people crossing the highway, the same indifference, the same idea that there is nothing to lose, the same fatalism?

Street musicians arrested

Two musicians were arrested for playing music on the street. I had the chance to talk about the ongoing discussion on street art with Mohamed Hassouni, the founder of Théâtre Nomade (Nomad Theatre).

understanding the moroccan monarchy

Today I visited this bookshop and I found two books : Comprendre la monarchie marocaine (Understanding the moroccan monarchy) by Omar Saghi and La société contre l’état : Mouvements sociaux et stratégie de la rue au Maroc (The society againt the state: Social movements and street strategies in Morocco) by Abderrahmane Rachik. Both of them from the same publication house: La Croisée des Chemins. Two great books that helped me a lot in my research.