Searching for the Sidewalks!

“Searching for the Sidewalks!” is a walking event that organised in order to raise awareness over sidewalk problems as a part of ‘Kaldırım Nerede?’ campaign. In this event, we aim to take a walk with the participants upon the experiences of being a pedestrian in the city. We aim to pave the way for debates on how accessible the streets and the sidewalks are, as basic public spaces of the city, with a perspective of an accessible city for all. During the walk, participants will be informed about pedestrian rigths, sidewalks standards, accessibility and various practices on the sidewalks. The factors that effect the walking experience will be identified along with the participants. Participants will take photos of the problems they identify during the walk and share them with their locations on Twitter. These sharings will be made visible on our website. After the walking, there will be an evaluation part along with the participants.

Sokak Bizim Association is a non governmental organisation aims to reach more livable cities through developing alternative solutions to urban problems. In order to reach this aim Sokak Bizim considers streets, which are the smallest units of the city, as a starting point and believes that change starts from the streets. In order to make change, Sokak Bizim uses creative and participatory methods. First creates awareness on people, than makes people act. For this purpose, the association organises events, develops campaigns and projects. The primarily fields of activity of Sokak Bizim are public spaces, streets, street culture, pedestrian&bicycle transportation.

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Saturday II
Sokak Bizim Derneği ile yürüyüş

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