Building a commons of knowledge: tensions and methods // facilitator: Relais Culture Europe

A trans-making experience

One of the questions of the « Public in the Making » is the question of Public Spheres of knowledge and information. It is questioning the knowledge itself, its ways of production, its accessibility and openness, etc. What kind of knowledge environment do we need in a time of transformation? How this Public Sphere can be the building block of a critical space and basis for action and transformation? Can we see it as a commons, based on the work of different kinds of commoners? Since 2017, more than 100 people, academic and non-academic, from criminology to art production, are engaged in the trans-making project dealing with new narratives for economic, social and democratic renewal. One of the main questions is to support a common European and global space of research. From this experience, collective issues and challenges are emerging. How to find entry points into the urgencies of the day? How mapping back into the field of perception silent or un-addressed issues? How to generate new ideas and perspectives from different fields and perspectives? How to speculate in order to produce new forms and ideas and open wild research territories? How to enunciate? Following a discussion open in Valencia last spring, we would like to share and open this conversation between the participants of trans-making and those of « Public in the Making » workshop.

Facilitator: Relais Culture Europe

A French national public structure, Relais Culture Europe is an innovation platform on Europe and culture. Its mission is to support the European cultural innovation practices of cultural and creative actors by supporting the development of capacities and projects, networks of cooperation and European communities of exchange and research. Relais Culture Europe promotes the animation of European research and cultural innovation issues. It is the coordinator of the trans-making project funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

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