Participatory Practices moderated by Yeliz Kahya

One of the spheres of sociality that is directly connected to the urban milieu of modern and contemporary cities appears in the spaces of contemporary arts. This situation is closely linked with the capabilities of people to constitute bottom-up and self-organized formations and to come up with new forms of spaces providing various lanes that people establish informal interactions with each other. Within this context, Istanbul and some other cities appear as interesting settings, in which bottom-up and self-organized initiatives have established in the spheres of contemporary arts. This new ways of operations in arts does not only form communities of art practices, they also lead to develop a structured serendipity in the city that enables people to connect in ways they hadn’t before, inspiring new cross disciplinary collaborations, community engagements and modes of working. The question, whether these micro-spaces of contemporary arts can act as means of mobilizing and constructing social co-presences, and thereby, contribute to recreation of the public and public spaces in cities deserves an attempt to explore. In this panel, it is aimed to create a platform to explore the capacity of these arts organizations to meet artistic, creative energy with local contexts of cities while using participatory strategies to involve different actors in place making and planning practices alongside contributing to the urban everyday life in their localities.

Yeliz Kahya

PASAJ // Seçil Yaylalı § Elif Bursalı 
Oda Projesi // Seçil Yersel & Özge Açıkkol
RACINES // Mehdi Azdem § Rajae Hammadi
CRVENA // Danijela Dugandžić
BUNKER // Nevenka Koprivsek
Ceren Yartan
Merve Ünsal

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Thursday I
PASAJ, Oda Projesi, Racines, CRVENA, BUNKER, Ceren Yartan, Merve Ünsal

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