Documenting the Spatial Memory

How memory and experience transaction can transform perception of public space and public life? How those processes can help form those places as a hub for collective memory and interaction? Is it possible to transform public spaces without any physical interference through memory and experience transactions collectively. Can we see/perceive spaces we pass by everyday if we consider them through other people’s experiences and interactions? Where does “public” notion of public space fit in the concept of collective memory when those places are being turned into areas that don’t reflect any visible trace of prior experiences. Taksim Square will be taken as a ground for participants to answers these questions. By this workshop, these notions will be detected and documented through audial, visual, textual and mapping techniques.

The workshop will take place at ITU Taşkışla Campus and Taksim Square, on 18-19th of October 2018, between the 13.30-20.00 time slot.

Cansu Yapıcı was born in 1987 in İstanbul. She graduated from Trakya University Department of Architecture in 2009 and started her masters in History of Architecture at Istanbul Technical University. She has been working in the fields of research, exhibition and publication in Foundation of Architects and Chamber of Architects . She worked as a coordinator for the publication “Architectural Guide to Istanbul” and took part in research projects as a researcher in Istanbul Research Institute and Vienna Municipality.   Cansu still carries out endeavours in the area of right to the city and urban memory in Emek Bizim Collective and Social Rights Association as she continues her education in Department of Restoration and Conservation in Yıldız Technical University.

Selen Çatalyürekli (1987) is design researcher and documentarist. She received her Bachelors degree from Sabancı University’s Social and Political Science program and her Masters degree in Industrial Product Design program from Istanbul Technical University. In her academic works, she focuses on design for public space and participatory design. In her documentary and experimental artistic works, she visualizes issues related to social rights, ecology and urban movements, design perceptions and memory spaces. She took part in various national/ international organizations and documentary projects as instructor, photographer, videographer, editor and coordinator.

Ezgi Öz was born in 1984 İstanbul. She graduated from Yeditepe University, Faculty of Fine Art, Art and Design (Italian). She collaborated on various workshops and exhibitions in İstanbul, Rome and Milano. Between 2010 – 2013 she worked as an art gallery director and she organized more than 50 exhibitions and art projects. She completed İstanbul Bilgi University Public Space / Public Art certificate program in 2013. Between 2014 – 2016 she worked on cultural politics in local governments, and she carried out public art projects with Şişli Municipality. Ezgi completed her MA with the thesis named “Contemporary Art Practices in the Context of City and Memory Relations: Documenting İstanbul” in 2017, Işık University Social Sciences Faculty – Art Theory and Criticism. In 2018 she gave “Cultural Planning in Local Governments” seminar in Local Advocacy School organized by Yereliz Association. She worked as a Turkey project manager for Rise for Climate in from July to October 2018.

Research areas of Ezgi Öz span the variety of subjects on the relations between urban space and nature including the right to the city, memory, ecology studies, the age of Anthropocene. While she actively works with various grassroots organizations, Ezgi Öz continues her career as an independent curator and designer.

Event Timeslots (2)

Thursday II
yürütücüler | facilitators: Ezgi Öz, Cansu Yapıcı, Selen Çatalyürekli

Friday II
yürütücüler | facilitators: Ezgi Öz, Cansu Yapıcı, Selen Çatalyürekli

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