Artistic Interventions moderated by Esra Yıldız

“Artistic Interventions”  panel will discuss institutional sponsored and anti-institutional art works  realized  in and for public space and the possibilities of  transformation of public space/debates through those artworks  from the 1990s  to the present  with the participation of academicians, artists, art initiatives and video collectives.
Esra Yıldız

Emek Bizim, İstanbul Bizim
Asi Keçi
Nesli Gül Durukan
Nazlı Tümerdem

Esra Yıldız studied environmental engineering (BSc) and received her Phd in Art History from Istanbul Technical University. She was a visiting Scholar at the Department of History and Art History, TU, Berlin and was Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute of Cultural History and Theory, Humboldt University, Berlin. She is currently teaching at Istanbul Bilgi University.

Emek is Ours, Istanbul is Ours is an initiative that was formed in 2009 to organize demonstrations and events against the demolition of Emek Movie Theater in Beyoglu, Istanbul. Since 2013, the initiative collected video and sound recordings of the demonstrations, made by activists, spectators and various filmmakers, which then turned into the documentary Audience Emancipated: The Struggle for the Emek Movie Theater (2016).

AsiKeçi (Ankara Art Initiative) is a civil art initiative established by a group of people coming out of the Solfasol Newspaper, gathered together with the desire to move towards to the goal of nourishing the art scene, which is lost in Ankara’s barren soul. Initially, gathered with the question of “Why isn’t there any art biennals established in Ankara?”, this establishment actually considered that the desire was actually to be a kind of other / counter / biennial event while it was in the process of establishing an art biennal. ​Today, we agree that contemporary / current art is used as a tool for some implicit purposes by the political and private sectors and by the biennials. When we read the international art activities in the framework of new world order and new world cities, biennal events and AsiKeçi differenciates in means of their ideas. As biennal formations enhances the economical and political powers in cultural means. AsiKeçi (Ankara Art Initiative) is a partnership that has reached consensus on that the artistic events should be independent, insurgent, contradictory, and disjointed.

artıkişler [leftoverworks] is a video collective tries to create collective production and distribution spaces in the fields of contemporary visual culture and arts. Follows the principles of collective working, exhibition and screening strategies in collaboration with other groups that have similar orientations on the breaking point issues of Turkey’s near social history such as; urban transformation, gentrification, forced migration, refugees, labor in urban space, archiving and collective social memory.

Avareler // “Ramblers” is an art initiative, which was established in Ankara at the end of 2010. Their working area is generally on the streets. Their first work which was written on one of the wooden front of construction side as a “listen to The Doors, drink alchol Ankara” is 14 metres long and located in Ankara-Eskişehir road. After that, they have continued their art works as making smaller stickers and stencils on the streets for 7-8 months. Then, Avareler initiative decided to continue to produce their works as a 5 person. “I am not saying you not to listen blues, first listen a stringed instrument then also listen blues”, back-goal, all skycraper are sticked up thier owners ass, pink series, love safety first, forty thieves and honey badger party are some main examples of works of Avareler initiative. Nowadays, Avareler Initiative still keeps on to produce art works. They are not only on the streets but also they conduct a series of activies with other collectives, galleries and art plaforms. Their object is to be triggering for a collective guerilla street art movement rather than just a street artist. It could be said “from snowball to snowslip”. Their target is to give damage to the Istanbul art monopoly which holds the art market. Besides Ankara, they would like to get off the ground this movement to other cities around Turkey.

Nesli Gül is a researcher, curator and an art writer. She is currently visiting scholar in Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture at the University of Amsterdam under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mia Lerm Hayes and Ph.D. candidate under the guidance of  Asst. Prof. Dr. Kadriye T. Akmehmet at the Yildiz Technical University in Art and Design Department, where her study is on “Memory and Archives of Contemporary Art Institutions and Actors in the Context of Contemporary Art Practices in Turkey”. She graduated her Bachelor’s degree in Art Management Programme in 2009 with the 1st class honor and Master’s degree in Museum Studies in 2014 from the YTU in Istanbul, Turkey. She completed her MA thesis “Interactive Spaces in Art Museums”. During her undergraduate education period, she worked as a curator’s assistant, researcher, an intern at the curatorial department at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, BM Suma Contemporary Art Center and at the editorial department at the RH+ Art Magazine. During her graduate education period, she worked as Project assistant for Foto-Galatasaray (open archive) at the SALT (Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center) for one year. She continues her academic works as a research assistant in the field of Art Management Department at the YTU since 2012. She has been a curator of several exhibitions since her graduate education period and has been a researcher in scientific research projects. “Fictional Narratives”, “Hidden Screenplays” and “Point Counter Point” are some of her art exhibitions as curator. She has various articles on art museums, exhibition methods and techniques, contemporary art and public art. She is a member of The International Council of Museums (ICOM), (2014-…), International Committee for Exhibitions and Exchange (ICEE), (2014-…) and Association of Art Historians (AAH), London, UK, (2017-…).

Nazlı Tümerdem is an architect based in Istanbul and Ljubljana. She received her B.Arch degree from Istanbul Technical University (2008) and M.Arch degree from Istanbul Bilgi University (2011). She has worked as a research assistant and as an architect between 2011 and 2016. She was part of the project team of Turkish Pavilion in 2016 Architectural Biennale of Venice. Currently, she is continuing her PhD at Istanbul Technical University.

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Emek Bizim İstanbul Bizim, Avareler, Asi Keçi, Artıkişler, Nesli Gül Durukan, Nazlı Tümerdem

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